Welcome to Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston!

Faneuil Hall was built in 1742. It has served as a marketplace and meeting hall ever since.

Faneuil Hall is sometimes referred to as the Crade of liberty.

Faneuil Hall is located near the waterfront and Government Center in Boston. It is a well known stop on the Freedom Trail.

The ground floor contains shops and eating establishments. The second floor is a meeting room. The third floor contains the museum and armory of the Ancient and Honerable Artillery Company of Massachusetts.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace also includes three long granite buildings called North Market, South Market, and Quincy Market. It operates as an indoor/outdoor mall and food eatery. It was designed by Benjamin Thompson and Associates.

The symbol of Faneuil Hall has been the gilded grasshopper weathervane on top of the bulding, for two centuries. It was created by Deacon Shem Drowne in 1742. It is the only totally unmodified part of Faneul Hall today.


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